FishScan Lighting and Control module

Custom made lighting and electronics including a control module for the FishScan biomass estimation system has been developed and integrated into the FishScan prototype. The technology has been tested in the field with, showing promising results. 


The objective of this work was to develop the custom made lighting and control system for the complete FishScan system. 

Electronics Design Document

A systematic technical design document was made, which gives an overview of the electronics to be developed in FishScan. A detaied report was made and distributed among consortium partners for clarifying the work and used as a guideline in the product development and reseach process. 

The subsea unit performs the following tasks

- Connects to the surface unit using a standardised data connection. The unit has a custom made power connection, based on a well known industrial standard, which is used to power the Subsea Unit.

- Transmits data between the sensors and up to the FishScan Topside Unit

- Provides light to the data capturing device

- Controls the light sources

- Controls the capturing device synchronisation. 

Teknologisk Institutt as (TI) has has lead and carried out this research and development in coorporation with other FishScan partners.

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