Design and construction of underwater and topside units

The overall technical objective of this work was to develop robust housings designed to operate in marine conditions.

Selection of materials for FishScan

Selection of materials for the FishScan units concerns the top side unit containing the processing hardware for the camera, the battery/power connection and other interfaces. It includes the underwater housing known as the camera module. The aim for this task was to find proper materials for these units. On the basis of several important criteria polymer materials were evaluated as the key material for both topside and underwater unit. The investigation into polymer materials ended in recommendation of several possible types.

Design and construction of underwater housings

Several designs for the FishScan subsea and topside module have been developed and presented to the management board as preliminary results. The designs conform to the requirements in the defined product design specifications and contains the sensors, light sources and control electronics. The design and construction of the underwater housing was highly dependent on the sensor selections and development of FishScan light source.

Housings for both lighting and sensors has been manudactured and tested in real-life and proves to be functioning as planned.

Design and construction of topside housings

A robust, waterproof housing for FishScan topside units has been selected and adapted to contain the different units. This includes the processing unit, networking and a power distribution system for the underwater units. The unit has been field-tested and is functioning as planned.

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