Behavioural studies of fish in relation to external factors

The behavioural responses of salmon and sea bass to increasing intensities of blue-green light were assessed.

The study focuses on providing essential knowledge on whether fish behaviour is affected by artificial light of different intensity and patterns, in order to inform the design of the FishScan system and the final choice of light and camera technology.

Behavioural responses including startle, avoidance and aggregation were monitored by observing patterns of movement and changes in location within the tank in relation to the light source. Results indicate, that both salmon and seabass avoid the light at the onset, but after ca 2 to 3 hours habituation return to the lighted area. Fish that were exposed to light on three consecutive days habituate faster than ‘naive’ fish. Fish needed more time to habituate when exposed to the stripes than to the ‘full’ image.

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