Project Description

FishScan will develop a novel system for continuous and highly accurate monitoring of weight, growth and size distribution of fish for use within aquaculture enclosures, primarily sea cages. The aim is to achieve a higher accuracy and better usability than today’s systems.

The FishScan project seeks to increase sustainability, profitability and competitiveness of the European aquaculture industry. Currently, the average error in estimation of farmed biomass in sea-based aquaculture is ±5%. To set this in perspective, the annual production of salmon in Norway alone is about 1 million tonnes. Misestimations consequently represent a large loss of profit for European sea-bream, sea-bass and salmon cage farming industry. Thus, the industry demands more accurate biomass estimators.

A working prototype of the FishScan system comprising an underwater and a topside unit, will be built, tested and industrially verified. The main parts of the system include a camera module, instrumentation and newly developed software.

It will be possible to use FishScan biomass output data together with existing software for production management such as harvest planning and production cost.

Poster describing the FishScan project

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