Teknologisk Institutt as (TI)

TI is a non-profit, privately founded RTD organisation that has grown from a governmental institute into a highly competent company. TI offers personnel with a high level of skills and expertise in a great number of areas, among others development of industry technological solutions and transfer of innovative technology to SMEs and large companies in its fields of competence.

TI's activities are among others active within the following business areas: Materials Technology, Product Development and Production Technology, Environment and Safety, EU R&D programmes, Indoor Environment, Calibration, Certification and Training Services. TI's material laboratory is one of the leading laboratories in Norway, strongly supported by the specialists knowledge of employees and the modern range of equipment used for undertaking materials and product tests which covers most industrial requirements. All tests performed, from raw materials to final products are in accordance with national or international standards, and TI possess considerable expertise in developing individual test programs in accordance with customers’ requirements. The company is currently involved in several aquaculture R&D projects within the EU's 6th and 7th Framework Programme, among which are ClosedFishCage, BioFoulControl, DeammRecirc and MusselsAlive. TI is not an IPR holding or exploiting business.

TI has been selected as one of the research and technology performers in the FishScan project based on their vast experience and technological excellence in aquaculture technology, design and construction, electronics and control systems, product development and industrial design, and performing industrial integration, full scale tests and verification. TI’s department of electronics is well equipped for design, development, construction and analysis of modern microelectronics. The employees are skilled in electronics design and construction, embedded programming, FPGAs, real-time control systems, measurement and control applications, measurement analysis, and visualisation of physical measurements. The staff’s experience also includes work in instrumentation and image processing. In addition, TI holds competent project managers with experience in running EU-projects within the aquaculture industry. Industrial design and development of technology for the aquaculture sector has been one of the main focus’ for TI over the last 7 years.

In the FishScan project, TI will be responsible for the specification of the technology requirements and thus be involved in developing the translation system for the camera module, development of the camera module itself, electronics, control systems and industrial validation.

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