Lerøy Midnor AS

Lerøy Midnor AS has been part of the Lerøy Group since 2003. The Group’s core activities are distribution, sale and marketing of seafood, processing of seafood, production of salmon, tround and other species as well as product development. The Group operates in Norway, Sweden, Portugal and France.

Since December 2003, the production of salmon and trout has been built up to where it now consists of units that will harvest approximately 110 000 tons in Norway. The Group is now the second largest producer of salmonids species in the world. The Group’s investments in downstream activities the last years have established it as a national and international distributor of fresh fish. Because of these and similar investments over the last ten years, the Group has now developed into a totally integrated seafood group with a solid foundation for further development.

Lerøy Midnor AS is the Group’s largest production unit and is situated centrally on the Norwegian coast. Lerøy Midnor AS is one of Norway’s largest fish farming companies with a total of 30 wholly owned licences for marine based production. Furthermore, the company has licences for production of smolt for its own fish farming activities, and slaughters practically all its biomass in its own facilities. Lerøy Midnor AS also has a division for processing of salmon.

In the FishScan project, Lerøy Midnor represents the end user in need of an innovative solution to reduce errors in biomass estimations. The company will provide the project partnership with valuable knowledge form their practical day to day farming operations and, thus, contribute to developing the project's scientific understanding, especially when it comes to operational requirements. Moreover, they will provide the project with possibility to test and validate the FishScan system on a commercial fish farm.

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