AquaBioTech Ltd.

AquaBioTech Limited is a design, development and consulting engineering company with expertisewithin aquaculture, fisheries, wastewater systems. AquaBioTech is located on Malta but operates globally, specialising in aquaculture design and development, from market research to project feasibility assessments, management, and technology sourcing.

AquaBioTech has clients and projects in over forty countries and retains a team of over twenty-five highly qualified and experienced staff and personnel covering all aspects of aquaculture planning, feasibility, development, commissioning and operation. The company undertakes complete technical assessments and troubleshooting for both hatchery and on-growing operations, develops detailed proposals for mitigation, advice on regulatory control, infrastructure requirements, and other environmental issues.

As AquaBioTech also provides customised solutions to the aquaculture industry, the company has been given the rights to distribute, perform technical and customer support in the Mediterranean aquaculture sector. AquaBioTech has profound knowledge of the aquaculture industry and has a vast international network linking them to markets around the Mediterranean.

During the past years, AquaBioTech has been involved in a number of EU research projects such as CRAFT, STREP and CA in a variety of areas, among others off- and onshore fish farming with recirculation and flow-through technology, shrimp farms for hatchery and on-growing, bio-security auditing, fisheries management, processing plants, waste management, Environmental Impact Assessments, feasibility assessments, market research and intelligence assessments, valuations, technical and due-diligence audits.

In the FishScan project, AquaBioTech will provide input on the fish behaviour study and oversee that the development of the FishScan system makes it feasible for use on Mediterranean species.

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